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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Clinic in Williton Taunton & Bridgwater Skype or face time 

your weight loss

One to one weight management sessions looking at dietary and activity habits with careful attention to your lifestyle.  Making the changes you need to get back to a healthy weight.  

Cost £40 per session or £100 for 4 sessions when booked together  (usually 1 session per week is required, for up to 6 sessions.)

Results are realistic and sustainable which you CAN achieve. No gimmicks or Fads. A lifestyle reboot which will give a healthy happy future to anyone who wants to lose weight.  Pre-diabetic and diabetic  clients welcome.


Where are sessions held ... Williton Taunton Bridgwater Skype or Face time.

How do I pay .... pay pal BACS or cash.

How many sessions do I need... Everyone is different but most people like to either come weekly or fortnightly until they can see results and are on the road to losing weight in a healthy way.

What will I eat… A healthy balanced diet. The Focus is on reducing sugar, portion control and fresh fruit and veg. This is not a Fad diet it’s based on sensible healthy eating and regular exercise.

How long will it take me to lose weight … you will start to lose weight straight away following the plan.  A healthy weight loss is 1 or 2 lb per week. This is a realistic weight loss and losing at this rate is sustainable and you will be more likely to keep the weight off than with a quick Fix diet.

What weight should I be… A detailed analysis of your height and current weight and BMI will give you a picture of where you are on the healthy weight chart and we can see where you should be for a healthy weight and plan the goals to achieve this step by step together.

I can’t afford the gym or any equipment to exercise … That’s Ok I’m not going to send you to the gym unless you want me to. Some increase in activity may be required alongside healthy eating but you won’t be asked to do anything you are uncomfortable  with. I am a qualified personal trainer myself and have lots of ideas on how to exercise without cost.  I do however have a bank of trainers that work one to one with some of my clients.  So, that will be entirely your choice.  My exercise plans are purely based on what you can do, Not what you can’t do.  

I feel embarrassed about attending the sessions … Please don’t be I am not going to judge you I see many people coming from many different back grounds I know that when people are overweight they can get caught up in a never ending cycle of diets and low times where the weight plies on and they feel helpless to do anything about it. This can result in chronic health problems depression and poor life quality.

What will the session be like …. Relaxed and friendly, You will be weighed we will look in detail at your current situation your weight history, attitudes around food and lifestyle, your activity levels  and the goals you would like to achieve and how to achieve them successfully.   Following sessions will unfold according to your needs and will include analysis of your diet and monitoring your progress checking any barriers to success and working with the cycle of change to keep you motivated during any relapse.

What’s the cost … £40 per 1hr session - investment for success in weight loss.